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The Youth Rugby programme builds on the goals and skills developed in the earlier programmes and will focus on the 15-18 year age groups.

The Youth Rugby Programme will focus on all aspects of the game, performing skills under pressure, and the introduction of the full laws of the game.

It is designed to develop players based on the four core skills:

  • Catching and Passing or Kicking
  • Tackling
  • Support and Evasion
  • The Breakdown

All of the sessions will have one of these four core skills as its main focus which will be assessed and developed. Emphasis will be placed on the following: 

  • Communication and ability to make decisions under pressure
  • Leadership, mental strength, tactical intelligence
  • Technical skills assessment and development
  • Speed, Agility and Quickness
  • Fitness, Strength and Conditioning



Fridays: 15:300pm - 17:00pm


Fridays: 15:30pm - 17:00pm

Century City

Fridays: 15:30pm - 17:00pm

Imhoff (Kommetjie)

Fridays: 15:30pm - 16:30pm

Saturdays: 09:00am - 10:00am

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